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From crisis to sustainable growth...turning around organizations and communities

The Management Journal of Crisisology Today

Lending Clarity to Crisis, Emergency, Disaster, and Catastrophe Management Issues.

About this Publication

The Management Journal of Crisisology Today (TheMJCT), seeks to engage professionals and graduate students in a new discussion on how thinking and behavior  are comprehensively advanced regarding life's disruptions. Examination of the principles relating to crisis, emergency, disaster, and catastrophe management should be done through the prism of Crisis Convergence & Integration Theory (CCIT). The result will be the development of critical thinking, and a solid understanding of why the umbrella discipline of Crisisology can serve to unify practitioners, researchers, and educators alike.

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As these professionals construct and institute workable policies through thoughtful decision-making processes, they will inevitably apply the types of solutions applicable to solving vexing problems. The advancement of systems thinking is encouraged, as comprehension is sought regarding existing or potential crises resulting from man-made or natural events affecting organizations and communities.

As 'the' periodic information vehicle dedicated to the advancement of Crisisology, TheMJCT will promulgate Crisisology's value by specializing in the publication of short research papers, articles, and commentaries. The knowledge gained via this journal will not only conceptually add to a meaningful discourse, but will practically provide seamless clarity for professionals in how they apply their craft regarding the four above mentioned management areas.

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Crisisology, the new discipline

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